Vårstad 21.30: Six string Yada

Datum: Lör 30/05 2015
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Konsert med fri entré i vår källare! 2 set, 21.30 samt 22.30!
Från 22 kostar det 100 kr att komma in i stugan.

Six String Yada
Is this a band that’s, A); playing music that was outdated 100 years ago? Or B); music that is just as relevant for the people today as for past generations?

Are we creating something new or are we just hopelessly clinging on to the past in a wasteland of music made by computers and singed of by corporate executives?

We do play American mountain music – old time, but we also play metal and punk songs. And sometimes we have no idea what we’re doing! But one thing amongst all, is certain; We do play music that makes us smile and laugh. And when push comes to shove, that’s always something that we can be proud of.

“10% is what you play, 90% is how you play it.”

Konserten är ett samarbete med vännerna på Musik i Syd