Bubbelklubben St. Patrick's de luxe: Dj Fennelly (IRL)

Datum: Tor 17/03 2016
Kostnad: 50 Riksdaler

Då det är en internationell dag som firas kommer nedanstående information om kvällen på utrikiska.

A little piece of the Irish tradition has come to us at Kafé de luxe. Grab your green hats, tin whistle and shamrocks and get ready for this years celebration. We celebrate St. Patricks-day with Irish music and truly green ecological beer all night!

Entrance fee 50 kr from 10pm. But we offer FREE ENTRANCE for anyone carrying any GREEN garment or item!

(By colour) Green ecological beer 40 kr all night long! On top of this we offer student discounts on our whole variety of food and drinks!

Dj Fennelly (IRL)
While most Irish people migrated to the US in the mid 19th century, Mark Fennelly came to Sweden a hundred and fifty years later. Assisted by Alvesta’s pizza princess Eleonora Zomegnan Dj Fennelly will combine Irish classic folk songs with all kinds of alternative music created on the very musical island in the west. So get ready for a musical mix that will spread from The Dubliners to U2 and Sinnead O’connor!