Bubbelklubben - Digital Night: Dj Sennon + Niclas Erlandsson

Datum: Tor 28/04 2016
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Being part of the ongoing event Digital Week we bring you a night of music with digital ingredients.

The event will take place upstairs, and we aim for a thursday laid back atmosphere, but one never know what happens in this old house..!

22 (not 21 as written before): Dj Sennon
Local dj and music producer Enor Zilkiqi presents a variety of styles and mixes in his set. A customized mix exclusively for this evening. Sennon mainly works in the genres drum ‘n’ bass, techno and psytrance.

23:30-01: Niclas Erlandsson
After last times tech-house success Niclas Erlandsson is back with us tonight with more, even deeper, electronic tracks. He recently released the EP “Compute” and also the EP “D3” in colaboration with Håkan Lidbo and Dominik DiCoc. Driving and deep techno combined, creating a unique and moving soundscape.

Student Discounts. (More than) Welcome!