Blues de luxe: Evil Emil and the King Cobras

Datum: Lör 07/05 2016
Kostnad: 120 Riksdaler

Vårens sista Blues de luxe bjuder Zydeco av ösigaste sort! Dörrar 21, två set, med det första som startar 21:30. Till andra set välkomnas matgäster samt andra nöjeslystna fritt ner från övre plan.

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19:30 Blues dinner
Blues Dinner köps samtidigt med biljetten och serveras 19:30. Kvällens varmrätt på närproducerat kött – eller vegetariskt alternativ, för blott 150 kr!

Evil Emil and the King Cobras
EE&KKC has been around since 1997. Founded in the small town of Arvika, the members now are scattered all over the middle of Sweden, getting together for gigs, recordings and occasional rehersals. The bandmembers are well familiar with, and nourishes a great love to zydeco music, and mentions John Delafose, Boozoo Chavis and Cedric Watson as their main influences. With zydeco as a base, and a varity of musical backgrounds and preferences, EE&KKC has managed to create a rather unique sound and approach to the music. To see this band live is an extraordinary experience! Everywhere they come, the audience is struck by the hard swinging grooves, peculiar melodies and brutal singing. Even the most reluctant gradually surrender to the beat, and start moving their feet. There’s no chance to stand still when Emil leads his vipers to musical extacy.