Bubbelklubben: Art Night

Datum: Tor 26/05 2016
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

En kväll av allt möjligt som slutar på ”-age”: Vernissage/finissage/konstmontage/mental massage!

The wall of our café has changed shapes and colors a lot the last few months. Ten art students have all exhibited their individual work as part of an art project in our collaboration with St. Sigfrids and Kulturledarprogrammet on lnu.

To wrap up the ambitious project, and let the artistic mind flow freely, we’ve reloaded for a last grand remake of the beloved wall. What we can say for shure is that this night will unveil the largest piece of art ever in Kafé de luxe-history – freshly painted by a number of artists this very morning!

Come celebrate the art and the artists! The vernissage/finissage starts at 10pm with mingle, snacks and sparkling drinks. Our art-night then continues with live music and djs.

22.30: Katharina Grubmüller & Gustav Åhlin
Live acoustic music performed right in front of the wall of art!

Katharina Grubmüller performs her own, more than often, melancholic pop-songs with drive and passion. Using mostly English lyrics Katharina tries to creat inovative and powerfull music that speaks to the audience both in memory and harmony. Gustav Åhlin is a traditional singer/songwriter artist and creates with his own style, together with Katharina, delicate and emotional music.

Pre-listen here

Free entrance and student discounts!