Klubb Matriarkat ♥ Femstival: Issa + Seven Mouldy Figs (CR)

Datum: Lör 04/06 2016
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

100 kr från kl 22. Kvällen är ett kungligt samarbete mellan oss, Det Fria ordets Hus och Studiefrämjandet!

As part of the new born Växjö Festival Femstival taking place in Växjö this week end we are proud to present a night of amazing live music and djs. The focus will naturally be on female/queer performers and several nations are represented among the artists!

22.30: Issa
Kristina Issa is a musician from Sweden/Syria and her music is a political impro pop that talks about stories that we don’t usually hear, about war, about not fitting in to this world and struggling as a woman and as a immigrant and just as a human.

This night Issa is being backed up by her five piece band to perform her experimental jazz pop in full bloom!

23.30: Seven Mouldy Figs (CRO)
Seven Mouldy Figs (7MF) is an alt-rock band coming from Zagreb (Croatia), consisting of Laura M. (bass guitar), Lucija (guitar and vocals) and Laura N. (drums and back vocals).

The band has, up until now, released two EP’s and performed loads of concerts in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia and Bosnia. This is the first time they play in Scandinavia – thank’s to Femstival AND Klubb Matriarkat promoter Tamara Laketic!

7MF on Facebook

00: Dj Ida Prester (CRO/SER)
Ida Prester is a Serbian musician, author, tv-show host struggling for womens rights. She’s mainly known as the lead singer of the major Serbian/Croatian act Lollobrigida. This female disco-punk band won the MTV award for the best regional act of 2009, and has performed on great Balkan festivals such as Exit festival in front of 40 000 people.

Ida will give us a highly danceable dj-set of alternative female indie music such as M.I.A, Grimes, Yeah yeah yeahs, Yelle, Peaches, Fagget Fairys, PJ Harvey, Garbage, Robyn, The kills, Abra, Disclosure, Ladytron and more.
During her set she will also add live vocals to her own songs from above mentioned Lollobrigida, Frau Casio (electro-dance-dark) and Maika (brand new project, balkan electro-pop/punk)!

Gräddhyllans Vinylbar: Jonsons Anton
Anton – Jonsons pöjk – gör denna kväll premiär vid våra båda skivspelare. Han gräver ur skivsamlingen blandade klämmiga plattor – i huvudsak sådana med rock- och popmusik från 60- och 70-talet, med nyare instrickare som Veronica Maggio mm!

More than welcome!