Afro Summer Lounge: Fadhilee Itulya (KEN) + Dj Mo

Datum: Fre 29/07 2016
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

Utöver vår elektroniska afton på nedre plan håller Afro Summer Lounge till på det övre. Informationen nedan serveras på engelska.

100kr from 11pm. Music on stage 10pm. Open until 3am.

22: Fadhilee Itulya (KEN)
Fadhilee Itulya is an enterprising young musician, collaborating with other artists, in an effort to produce innovative shows and be able to share and put into practice his knowledge for the development of the Arts scene in Africa. He is a passionate Kenyan Afro Soul artist cultural activist & Singer songwriter.
His music is a fusion of the Afro beat and traditional Kenyan sounds with modern music styles like contemporary Jazz, soul, folk, house , pop etc. His message mainly focuses daily life experiences, fun, patriotism, Godliness, peaceful coexistence, love and suchlike virtues among other factors relevant to today’s age and time. His set is very unique, he plays the acoustic guitar, the Adeudeu , a traditional Kenyan bow Harp accompanied by a bassist and a djembe fola (percussionist).

23-03: Dj MO
Dj Mo a.k.a One Love Soundsystem is the promotor of several reggae, dancehall and afrobeat nights in the town of Norrköping. When he doesn’t arrange his own clubs he’s movin’ around the best clubs in around Sweden, and abroad. He has supported artists like Elephant man, Don Carlos, Ky-mani Marley, Jah Vinci, Eek A Mouse, Gyptian and Jah Cure!

Verandan de luxe: Dj Paisley
Dj Paisley (Tredje Dynastin) from Malmö serves a constantly boililng shimmer of mind-boggling swinging rythms. Music and influences that embraces the already enchanting and irresistable atmosphere.