The return of AFRO FUSION: Seydi Mandoza (SEN)

Datum: Fre 09/09 2016
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

Doors 21, 100kr from 22.

The almost mythical Afro Fusion promotor Princess Tapiwa is back in town after spending far too long time in a distant country. And as she returns – so does her club!

We open up at 21 and start the night of slow and nice. Our local warm up dj plays mixed african rhythms that will start you going. Around midnight it’s time for tonights mc to enter the stage:

21: Bärtås-Tapiwa-afro-warm up
This night Miss Afro Fusion herself enters the dj booth for the first time! By her side is the local musician and music lover Edvin Bärtås – known as Avancerad Häst among people into electronic music. The incredible duo will provide the perfect mix of african rhythms – from old school afrobeat and afrotronic to todays Ugandian soul and South African house!

00: Seydi Mandoza (SEN)
This Senegalian artist was born in 1978 in Rufisque, a city where the passion for music and dance are rooted in a variety of traditions. In his youth, he is part of the collective fnf (Fight and Forget), pioneer of modern blue Ska Rnb As with Malick and Carlou D. With this group they get popularity across Senegal but also in the sub-regions. Since 2000, he pursued a solo career and participates in many Senegalese and African albums.
In 2008, Seydi Mandoza immigrated to Sweden and quickly made a strong impression, especially by the originality of its melody and because of his living presence on stage. The lyrics are deeply endearing the artist as he sings in his native language, Wolof and English. Below you can listen to the songs from the EP Mr Wadada, representative to what we can expect from Seydi Mandoza on this shimmering night!

00: Dj Don Simon
Is backing up Seydi Mendoza both with his own songs and with a mix of the best african contemporary songs: Afrobeats, soca, azonto and more!

Bar de luxe: Zdravko Zizmond & Calle Sjöqvist
Kvällens båda hårfagra br-dj’s älskar musik – allra helst då den fångats i en tunn skiva av svart ganska hård plast. Denna kväll tar de hela vinylsamlingen till oss för att skänka oss lika delar svängig soul & ösig rock toppat med en näve vild balkan!

Miss this night and regret it forever. Or better: Don’t miss it!