Onsdagsrock: James Leg (US) Dj Lurtz och Lord Marhox

Datum: Ons 15/03 2017
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Tyvärr tvingas vi ställa in kvällen med James Leg och utan någon form av belägg skyller vi helhjärtat på en viss president på andra sidan Atlanten.

Istället utlovar vi grymma dj:s från kl 22!

22: Dj Lurtz och Lord Marhox
Under denna onsdagskväll befolkas vinylbaren av Islandets demoner DJ Lurtz och Lord Marhox. Skivorna kommer spelas i ett frenetiskt tempo och glad 70-tals psykadelika blandas med tyngre rytmer som sedan länge förkastats långt ner i LP-backen. Förbered er på både soft-rock och dödsmetall!

James själv har lämnat följande meddelande till oss:
I’m very sad and sorry to say the next 2 weeks in Sweden and Norway have been cancelled due to travel visa issues. This was completely unexpected and sudden and me and my team have done everything that can be done to avoid this, but finally I must leave Europe today or be in an illegal situation. Though I’m no stranger to illegal situations, I’m moving around too much to risk a black-marked passport.

I hate this. We’ve been searching for any other way. Anybody that is moving around right now will attest to the fact that visas of any kind in any place are high commodity lately and the process is tricky and lengthy and often arbitrary, to say the least. We thought we were covered and good as gold.. until a rejection notice just a few days ago. Since that moment I’ve tried every possible solution for an extension. If there was another way I’d take it. This is completely out of my control.

I really hope my Scandinavia friends will understand and give me a chance to make it up to them. I look forward to that.
/James Leg