Book Klubb

Datum: Sön 22/10 2017
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In an ongoing Sunday co-operation with student organisation KLUBB we proudly present: Book Klubb de luxe!

The book klubb will be lead by a representative from KLUBB but it’s free for anyone and everyone to participate! Entrance is entirely free and it’ll be held from 3 to 5 pm.

It won’t be a traditional book club as we all know it, where we would all read the same book and gather to discuss it. Instead, we’ve decided to have an ongoing exchange of books for now. So any book in English you own and you loved reading and want others to enjoy too, bring it on Sunday! You will get to introduce the book you’ve brought and bring home a new one for a month!

We will gather once a month to exchange books through the autumn and we must point out that the weather is getting perfect to stay in and read, right? Please bring at least one book if you can! If you don’t own any books in english that you can bring, no worries! We’ll probably bring more than one so no one leaves with empty hands! And all genres of books are welcomed too! The more the merrier!

And bring ideas and suggestions too on how you want the Book Klubb to be! We’re hoping it will grow organically with the help from all of you. And do remember, on Sundays it’s 20% student discount on all food & drinks – served from 11.30 am until midnight!

Find KLUBB on facebook here

Hope to see you!