Blues de luxe: Mr Bo and the Voodooers

Datum: Lör 03/03
Kostnad: 120 Riksdaler

Blues de luxe har bra glid i spåret, och vi ser glatt hur antalet besökare närmar sig smärtgränsen! Dörrar 21, 120kr entré och musik i två set från 21:30. Första set separat. I mån av plats släpper vi på bar- och middagsgäster till det andra setet.

Förköpsbiljetter kommer inom kort.

Mr Bo and the Voodooers
“The most powerful Mr Bo outfit yet and Mr Bo’s vocals never sounded better. The Hammond swirls and sighs and roars in all the right places, while Mr Bo plays with obvious joy and supreme confidence. This Swedish group has mixed blues and soul into a powerful concoction with convincing vocals, good production and plenty of power. Also, there is some handsome, harmony vocals from the two gentlemen in The Voocalizers: Stefan Dafgård and Marcus Svensson. These two blues gents do have their own careers. Mr Bo and The Voodooers are an extremely elite outfit in the Swedish blues scene and have been frequent visitors at many of the nation’s best scenes.”

DWM Music Company

Mr Bo, vocals, guitar
Bo Hansson, hammond
Lars Mellqvist, bass
Daniel Winerö, drums