Sköna Söndag Special: Slöjd de luxe + Sherpa the Tiger (UKR)

Datum: Sön 11/11 2018
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

A special night with full Ukranian (!) live band performing downstairs at 21. Plus handcraft workshop slöjd de luxe. Entrance is free, incredibly enough!

3pm SLÖJD DE LUXE: Embroider your thoughts

Come by Slöjd de luxe and embroider your thoughts! Over fika we will embroider what we think and feel, there will be some materials to embroider on but if you’ve got a light canvas bag or similar that you’d like to embroider on then feel free to bring it along! Erica Engdahl is the instructor and will teach some stitches to the beginners, but you non-beginners are also very welcome to come by and express yourselves with us using needle and thread!

Kom förbi Slöjd de luxe och brodera dina tankar! Över en fika broderar vi vad vi tänker och känner, det kommer finnas en del material att brodera på men har du en ljus tygkasse eller liknande som du skulle vilja brodera på så ta gärna med den! Erica Engdahl är instruktör och kommer lära ut stygn till dig som är nybörjare, men även du som redan kan brodera är så välkommen att komma förbi och uttrycka dig med nål och tråd tillsammans med oss!

9pm LIVE: Sherpa The Tiger (UKR)

Sherpa The Tiger is a brand-new band hailing from Lviv, Ukraine. Equipped with decrepit Soviet synthesisers, the four-piece combine a love of minimalist ambient music and the kosmische grooves that came pumping out of Eastern Europe in the 60s/70s.

“The whole project is inspired mostly by the Eastern European Krautrock stage of the late 1960s and 1970s but we also tried to refresh those old-school ideas with a more modern electronic/ambient approach – with a bit of a psychedelic pop vibe too.”

On the album ‘Great Vowel Shift’, Sherpa The Tiger’s synth-driven soundscapes are a thing of wonder, the band credit this to just two pieces of hardware which in total cost no more than $120: a vintage Soviet synthesizer called ‘Elektronika EM-25’ from the 1980s and an electric organ ‘Vermona Formation 2’, which was made in the late 1970s in East Germany. Listen to the lovely sounds below!

Don’t miss this unique concert of psychedelic lights and hypnotic, endless yet danceable rock from the golden era of eastern Europe synthesizers!