Party across the borders

Datum: Lör 13/10 2018
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

This night marks the start of a corporation with V.I.S – Växjö International Students. Both we and them will book djs to the upcoming saturdays, and the aim is to have them playing music from all corners of the world. The party is not only to cross national borders, but also borders between students and other people of all kind and ages!

Entrance (Only to gillestugan/vardagsrummet) Sek 100 from 23. Age 21+, but for holders of the stammiskort or ESN-card 18+.

Finrummets Vinylbar (the little bar): Thoble Rhone and the Maryland cookies
In our vinyl bar the entrance is FREE all night (closes at 02.30) and we always have djs playing vinyl records only! The dj duo of this night will offer old school pop and rock, mainly Swedish tunes from the eigties and nineties.

Gillestugan (the basement): Heavenly Hampus
As the owner of local record store Rundgång Hampus gets in contact with a lot of music from all ages and origins. This night he intends to give you songs from more than 20 different countries! he starts off with more non-western and unheard grooves, but later on he will mix them with a bunch of classic hits and underground electronica.

Vardagsrummet: Hermanos Oyaguez
The two semi Spanish brothers Vile and Tasio will provide more laid back world music (meaning all kinds of music that’s not western). African grooves, latino rhythms, asian pop and much more!

Välkomna, welcome, bien venidos, Willkommen, ترحيب, gratissimum!