VinterÅttan After Run

Datum: Sön 25/11 2018
Kostnad: 1 Riksdaler

Upstairs open all day. Downstairs 18-00. Volontary entrance starting from 1 SEK. Food and drinks served on both floors.

In a Cooperation with Multicultural and as part of the charity run VinterÅttan (More info found here) we arrange a night of music, quiz and heartly atmosphere. During the night we aim to raise a lot of money for education projects in Colombia and Nepal.

As an early christmas gift to people in need Kafé de luxe offers it’s spaces, equipment, artists costs, Simon the sound engineer plus…
50% OF ALL INCOMES FROM BOTH BARS ALL NIGHT to Multicultural. So the more you buy – the more we give together!

18-00: Dj Multicultural Allstars
The allstars will put on a show with sweet music from all corners of the world. If you get tired and want to show the crowd your own amazing taste the allstars will accept donations towards the cause and make your wish come true!

18.30: Vinteråttans super duper positive mega quiz
The evening’s quizmaster have arranged a quiz that will make you feel better and see the world in a more positive light! Nice prices will be given to the winners!

20 Live: Matilda Augustine
Local young artist Matilda Augustine performs her own amazing pop songs in Swedish. With her acoustic guitar and melancholic vocals, she creates pop that gets close to you and your heart.

21: Levin Quartet
Jazzband consisting of Oskar Nöbbelin (piano), Martin Bengzon (bass), Isak Ribbnäs (drums) and Sabina Levin (vocals). The quartet has a rich but short history of playing together and have during this autumn played a great number of venues in and around Växjö. The group interpret compositions from the jazz standard repertoire where both classic hits and more obscure songs are performed. No matter the venue, the quartet promises classy entertainment at a high level.

22-00: Vinyl dj Per Hägred
Culture journalist and 7 inch vinyl dj set the grooves upstairs from his both turntables!