Musikhjälpen de luxe - Releasefest: When the World Sleeps

Datum: Lör 15/12 2018
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

100 kr från kl 18 till 01.30, sedan 60 kr. Efter en kväll av akustisk musik (information kommer), höjer vi volymen två snäpp och gör plats på källarens “stora” scen. 23.30 är det dags för kvällens releasespelning med When the World Sleeps.

I väntan på text på bandets hemspråk (småländska) delar vi här en mer internationellt gångbar beskrivning:

When the World Sleeps
When the World Sleeps is an alternative rock band, formed by frontman Denni Omanovic and guitarist Albin Lyrbo, later joined by bass player Simon Elmlund (Kafé de luxes egen ljudtekniker!) and drummer Adrian Selmani.

Their music originated from a vision to create an interesting and intriguing modern rock sound by combining their organic band vibe with electronic elements. The band’s lyrical themes touch on dark and introspective subjects, but also hopeful and inspirational ambitions.

2018 has been an exciting year for the band as they have released several singles (listen below), a music video, and won the local music competition P4 Nästa Kronoberg.

The future is looking bright for these Swedish alt-rockers as they salute their first album release this very night! The name of it is Escapeway and it will be filled with euphoric, arena-like songs as well as riff-driven rock tracks.