Sköna Söndag: Samoaja (FIN)

Datum: Sön 14/04 2019
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Sköna söndag innebär fri entré hela dagen, avslappnad stämning och ibland – som denna kväll – lågmäld musik uppe i matsalen.

20: Samoaja (FIN)

Samoaja is a four-piece alternative folk band from Finland
which was formed in 2014. The band’s musical style mixes
nordic soundscape to haunting melodies and modern folk.
They have released two EP’s (Them Birds 2014, & The
Depressed 2015) and one full-lenght album ”Landscapes” in

“We want to have a deeper aspect to our songs than just mere everyday topics. We want to leave a mark in peoples hearts, we want to sing about things that matter beyond life and death.”

Welcome everyone!