Slöjd de luxe: Plåtslöjd/Tin Crafts

Datum: Sön 12/05 2019
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Sunday at Kafé de luxe means that people of all kinds meet and hang out all day. Entrance is free, and we offer discounts on all food and drinks – 11.30-18 for everyone and all day long (until midnight) for students!

3pm Slöjd de luxe: Plåtslöjd/Tin Crafts – Elina Petersson

Recycle your tins. We cut sheet, pop rivets, bend sheets and give our tin cans new life. Instead of going to the metal recycling come to Slöjd de luxe and turn your junk into usable things!

Madly welcome, everyone!