Forskarfredag: Fifty New Shades of Modern Media

Datum: Fre 27/09
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Temakväll i gillestugan 19-22 med programstart kl 19.30 och efterfest som fortsätter två timmar in på lördagen!
Eftersom eventet till största delen sker på engelska hoppas vi ni kan leva med att även nedanstående text är skriven på utrikiska, annars finns en hel del matnyttig info på svenska här.

A pile of home made snacks are being served from opening, so arrive in time to grab a couple of them!

Do you stream films or go to the cinema? Do you listen to audiobooks or read ebooks? Do you Twitter or have a Facebook account? Today, we have more different types of media than ever before to choose between. But are you aware of the impact they have on what you wish to express and the story you are taking part of? On European Researchers’ Night on 27 September, our researchers invite you to take part of current research on the media landscape of today.

Media matters. Different types of media shape what is being communicated through them. That is why we must learn more about how different types of media work. “Fifty shades of modern media” gives you the opportunity to take part of current research on the media landscape of today.

Learn more about gender roles in cartoon series, the importance of being surprised, difficulties emphasising the right words, politics in music videos, and what classical music has to do with violence.

Hosting the event is Linnaeus University Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies, an interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research centre that studies the relationships between different types of media. It is actually the only research centre of its kind in all of Europe, and it is located right here, in Växjö!

Speakers on stage
from 7.30pm and on

Gilbert Ambrazaitis (Swedish): Say it with your eyes!
What do children’s eye movements tell us about the way they learn talking?

Pedro Ata (Comparative Literature): How can a word surprise you?
How can you take poetry out of the book? How many ways are there to experience a word?

Mike Frangos (English): Is Black Panther art?
How can we read comics from an academic perspective, and what makes them so popular now more than ever?

Linus Johansson (Music): “Who Are the World?”
Charity songs, the MTV and the Cold War.

Emma Tornborg (Comparative Literature): Can Donald Trump help you express your feelings?
Using gifs on social media.

Beate Schirrmacher (Comparative Literature): Why does Hannibal Lecter listen to classical music?
Should we be disturbed by the fact that classical music often connects to violence in literature and film? What do music and violence communicate when they appear together?

In addition to all these speakers you can take part in an interactive performance, play research bingo with goodie bags to win, and do not miss the fabulous after-party!