Slöjd de luxe: fermenting and pickling skills

Datum: Sön 06/10
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Sunday at Kafé de luxe means that people of all kinds meet and hang out all day. Entrance is free, and we offer discounts on all food and drinks – 11.30-18 for everyone and all day long (until midnight) for students!

3pm Slöjd de luxe: More info about what handicraft this particular sunday has to offer will be updated soon.

Sami Thawaba is going to show us how to pickle paprika and the process of making Labneh a soft cheese made of Greek yoghurt.

Sami is a master student at Linne Univeristy and has moved here to Växjo from Palestine. Cookery is a large part of palestinian cuture and sami hopes to be able to share his culture with us all by teaching us some awesome fermenting and pickling skills.

  • You can bring your own jars******