Casual Sunday: Dave Rosewood

Datum: Sön 29/09
Kostnad: 0 Riksdaler

Casual sunday means that people of all kinds meet and hang out all day. Entrance is free, and we offer discounts on all food and drinks – 11.30-18 for everyone and all day long (until midnight) for students!

Live at 8pm: Dave Rosewood (USA)
Dave Rosewood grew up in The Ozark Mountains absorbing the sounds of bluegrass, country, and gospel music as a child. He has traveled the world playing his unique brand of music, whether strumming the blues on a slow train to Goa or walking through the streets of Tokyo playing rock riffs on a battery powered guitar, he has never failed to deliver a powerful performance. Despite 20 Years of writing music and playing around the world, Dave Rosewood has never officially released any of his music until late 2018 when his debut album Gravel and Gold came out:

Drinkin Man (below) is the lead single for Dave´s upcoming album No Rodeo In Rome which is due for release March 2020.

Welcome everybody!