Voulez-Vous de luxe

Datum: Lör 19/10
Kostnad: 100 Riksdaler

A brilliant crew of French students that have devoted their time at Campus Växjö arranging partys in the style of Disco-Funk-Deep House. And now they have brought their visions to us at Kafé de luxe for one exclusive evening.

Basement opens at 22.
Entrance 100 from 23.

The evening will bring forward a variety of Dj’s when it comes to themes, genres and specialties and regardless you’re personal preferences we can asure you that you won’t be able to stop yourself from joining the dancefloor.

The creators and brains behind Voulez-vous tells the story behind the concept:

“Voulez-vous started as a student project after we discovered a lack of non-mainstream electronic music on campus of Växjö. Coming from cities all over Europe where the nightlife can be a bit different, we decided to bring the parties concepts we have known in order to create our own.
By using the skills we had in design, entrepreneurship, marketing and communication, we started to spread the word of our wishes and it became true.

With almost no money, few DJing skills and a restaurant that gave us a green light to use their space, we came up with a concept or parties which has gained the hearts of many students.

Through a list of values which consists of promoting new DJs, getting the party accessible for everyone and being entertained by house and techno music, we aim to bring our definition of clubbing.
So let’s put the DJ in the middle of the crowd and dance together all night long.”

So be there or be square! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch the Dj:s make their moves boiler room-style and dance around them like a merry go round.